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Save on Women's Portwest Workwear

04 March 2020 12:48

Women's Portwest Workwear from JKL Clothing

Save on Women's Portwest Workwear 

With Spring in the air, the gruelling Winter months may slowly be starting to feel like a distant memory. And with the new season rapidly approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to take stock of our Spring workwear situation.

For those women that are already one step ahead and looking to purchase their new season garments, we have an offer that you may just be interested in, so sit tight.

Ladies, it's no secret that you love the odd discount or two, and that's exactly what we have lined up for you this month at JKL Clothing.

Whether you're looking to kit your female co-worker out with workwear that works as hard as they do, or simply looking to refresh tired workwear, you can while saving 10% on all Portwest Women's Workwear!

Portwest Women's Range

Portwest may be a brand that you are already fondly familiar with, and we can't say we are surprised. With over 100 years of industry experience, Portwest has been offering some of the best workwear garments for an affordable price tag for many years.

For the ladies, the Portwest range caters for a number of industries. From Hi-Vis Jackets and Trousers to Tunics and Safety Shoes, the Portwest Women's Range has something for everyone.

Printing & Embroidery Services

From your workwear essentials to branding, at JKL Clothing, we are a one-stop-shop for both workwear and printing and embroidery services. Currently, all of our Portwest Women's garments can be customised to feature your companies logo.

From as little as 85p per embroidered logo, we aim to beat any like for like quote.

Portwest Womens Hi Vis

Women’s Portwest Hi-Vis

Hi-Vis From Only £10.74 

Stay seen and stay safe while getting the job done, with our selection of quality, ladies hi-vis workwear garments. 

Women’s Portwest Tunics 

Tunics From Only £8.43 

Has you tunic seen its fair share of hard work? Our range of tunics are available in a selection of colours and styles.

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Spring Workwear For Less

26 February 2020 12:39
Cheap Spring Workwear From JKL Clothing

Spring Workwear For Less

Gearing up for Spring?

Despite the recent weather dampening those early signs of Spring, the fact of the matter is, the longer and warmer days are now within sight. Whether you're looking to add to your Spring workwear wardrobe or plan on gearing the team up for those warmer month's, why spend more than you need to?

At JKL Clothing you can gear your team up for less with workwear essentials from as little as £1.62

Work Polos From JKL Clothing

Work Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts From Only £3.51

If you're looking for a more relaxed but smart alternative to work shirts than polos are the natural go-to for many employers. Offering more flexibility and comfort, but retaining that all-important smart persona, polo shirts are a perfect choice for those warmer months. 

Our range of polos are available in a variety of popular brands, colour and sizes - all you need to do is add your logo!

Work Shirts from JKL Clothing

Work Shirts

Work Shirts From Only £3.63

Showcase your business and delivery the best first impression during that sales pitch with your very own personalised work shirts. Available in long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tailored and untailored styles, we are confident that our range of work shirts, will help you win the big pitch. 

Work T-Shirts from JKL Clothing

Work T-Shirts

Work T-Shirts From Only £1.62

Is your approach to business a little more casual than corporate?
If you're keen to keep things relaxed but retain that professional look, work t-shirts are a perfect choice. Offering that perfect balance and comfortability whilst you work, personalised t-shirts are simply a no-brainer. 

Our large range of tees are available in a variety of brands, colours, styles - simply complete with your companies logo! 

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Save on Staff Uniforms

11 February 2020 05:00
Save on Portwest Uniforms

We Think You're Going To Love These Uniform Savings

As we settle into the new decade, you may have a few new starters joining your team, or perhaps you’re looking to replace your gear with your fresh rebranded look. Whatever, your situation, if you’re looking at your staffs uniform, we can help you save some pennies!

From new startups looking for that professional look to new employees and yearly overhauls, replacing or purchasing additional work uniforms can be a costly process for your business.

That’s where we come in…

Save 10% on Portwest Uniforms

Currently, at JKL Clothing we are offering 10% off our entire Portwest Range.

With over 100 years of expertise under their industry belt, Portwest manufactures a wide range of quality workwear garments ranging over several industries. From all areas of catering to building and construction, forestry and fire fighting, the Portwest Range really does cater for all workforces.

Other industries include:

· Rail

· Security

· Chemical Engineering

· Cleaning

· Cold Store

· Electronic Engineering

· Fishing / Trawler

· Food

· Foundry & Welding

· Painters & Decorators

Catering Uniforms

Catering Uniforms

With Portwest, you can kit your kitchen team out with uniforms that reflect their five-star culinary service. From Chef Skull Caps and Jackets to Aprons and Gloves, just like yourselves, the Portwest range caters for everybody!

Building Uniforms

Building & Construction Uniforms

Keep your workforce visible and protected on the job with Portwests range of Building and Construction Uniforms. With workwear that works as hard as they do, your team will get the protection they deserve while you save 10% on the range, including Hi-Vis, Work Trousers, Safety Footwear and more at JKL Clothing.

Foundry & Welding Uniforms

If your team works in a hazardous environment where they could be exposed to flame and molten splash, it’s imperative to equip then with the correct work uniform. At JKL Clothing we have a wide variety of Portwest Bizweld and Bizflame workwear perfect for the job.

What’s the difference between Bizweld and Bizflame?

Uniform Printing & Embroidery Service

At JKL Clothing we specialise in Printing and Embroidery, and we aim to beat any like-for-like quote!

Find out how you can get your companies logo printed or embroidered, it’s straightforward and hassle-free!

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Beat The Heat With Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

22 January 2020 02:47
Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

Beat The Heat With Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

If you work within a hazardous working environment or provide workwear for a workforce that requires Flame Resistant Workwear, you’re likely savvy to the importance of providing the correct workwear.

After all, keeping your workers protected from nasty workplace injuries is essential, making the importance of purchasing the right workwear an absolute priority!

Here at JKL Clothing, we take safety seriously. So, if you’re looking to kit either yourself or your workforce out with workwear that excels expectations we have just the thing in stock.

Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear Range

Did you know that Portwest provides over 120 industry-leading Flame Resistant Styles alone?

Their impressive, state of the art collection consists of a wide selection of multi-standard protection which is perfect for all kinds of hazardous environments. From working around bare flames to welding protection – at JKL Clothing, we have a Flame Resistant solution ideal for your application.

Like much workwear, Flame Resistant garments aren’t a ‘one shoe, fit’s all’ kind of gig.

So before we showcase the best bits from the Portwest Range, let’s take a minute to understand the different workwear solutions available at JKL.

Flame Resistant Solutions – What’s The Difference?

Portwest currently provides five industry-leading flame-resistant solutions as a part of their FR range.
At JKL, we are proud to stock all five solutions, but you may be wondering, what is the difference between these solutions?


The Anti-Static Araflame collection is an inherently permanent flame-resistant aramid.

Designed to be extremely flame-resistant, this collection is also lightweight and offers high tensile strength and full anti-static protection for all workers.


The Anti-Static Modaflame collection has been specially designed from Modacrylic fibres. 
The Modacrylic fibres provide inherent flame resistance, exceptional dimensional stability and high elastic properties, which allows the garments to retain their shape.

All Modaflame garments also have carbon fibre woven into the fabric giving them essential anti-static properties.


Bizflame is a patented flame-resistant finish which, when applied to fabric, provides excellent flame resistance. Bizflame is only combined with the best quality raw materials, giving each workwear garment the perfect balance of comfort and strength.


Made from 100% 330g Bizweld cotton fabric, the Bizweld workwear collection is completely flame resistant. Providing exceptional flame and molten splash protection, this collection is perfect for those in the welding industry or similar.

Sealtex Flame

Constructed from a wonderfully lightweight and durable flame-resistant PU coated polyester fabric, the Sealtex Flame collection offers full protection from adverse weather and flame hazards.

Stay Protected

Keep yourself and your workforce properly protected with our range of Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear here at JKL – you can even get your companies logo embroidered and printed – bonus!

Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

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10% OFF Portwest at JKL Clothing

07 January 2020 04:33
Portwest Discount

10% OFF Portwest Range at JKL Clothing 

After the Christmas festivities, there is no better way to kick the notorious “January blues” to the kerb than with a great saving in January. So, that’s why this year at JKL Clothing, we are kick starting the new year with a 10% discount off all Portwest Workwear

That’s right, whether you’re looking to top up on your Winter gear or looking for new garments for your workforce, you can now save 10% across the entire Portwest range! 

Save on Portwest Workwear

At JKL Clothing we have an extensive range of workwear garments that are perfect for an array of industries, including building and construction, chemical engineering and many more

Take a look at some great savings you can make on our Portwest range… 

Portwest Hi Vis Workwear From Only £0.90! 

Portwest Hi Vis

With the darker morning and shorter days, it’s essential to stay seen and stay safe while you work. 
At JKL Clothing we have an extensive collection of Hi-Vis workwear garments that range from sweatshirts and jackets to vests, trousers and much more. 

Portwest Work Jackets From Only £19.58

Portwest Jackets

Whether it’s for that added layer of warmth, or to help keep you protected from the elements, work jackets are a must-have this season. 

Get Your Portwest Workwear Personalised
Printed Workwear

Do you need to get your company’s logo printed or embroidered onto your company’s workwear?

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Explore Outdoors With JKL Clothing

01 October 2019 05:11

Explore Outdoors With JKL Clothing

Autumn is unarguably one of the most picturesque seasons of the year, and it is a great excuse to dig the camera out and get some fresh air! 

Although recent forecasts may not be inspiring an outdoor pursuit, many outdoor enthusiasts would argue, that it’s never the weather, just the equipment. While we leave that up to debate, it is always good practice to be prepared for the unexpected. At JKL Clothing, we have an extensive range of outdoor basics that will help keep you warm and dry during those beautiful Autumnal walks!

Outdoor Basics

Whether you’re on dog-walking duty or looking for that picture-perfect trail this Autumn, one thing is guaranteed…unpredictable weather. Ensure that you can get outdoors this Autumn, come rain or shine, with our Outdoor Basics. 

Softshell Jackets

Softshell Jackets

Whether you are taking your four-legged friend for their morning walk or hill walking in the countryside, Softshell Jackets are the number one must-have this season. Their lightweight, relaxed structure makes softshells wonderfully versatile, while offering that much-needed protection from the elements. 

Simply fold them away into a backpack when you don’t need them! 



If your heading out this Autumn, layering up is essential and what better way to keep the biting winds at bay than with a cosy fleece? Lightweight, but offering great warmth, fleeces are perfect on colder days, and exposed hill walks. For ultimate warmth and protection, why not team up your Fleece with a Softshell Jacket for complete protection. 



With temperatures now on a gradual decline, retaining any added warmth is essential especially if you're planning to get in some hill walking this Autumn. At JKL we have a ride range of fashionable beanies for and hats that will help keep you warm on those cold walks.

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Autumn Basics Available At JKL Clothing

17 September 2019 12:27
Autumn Styles

As the nights start to draw in we are reminded that the Autumn Season is fast approaching.

But, if you’re anything like us, other than the shorter evenings, the Autumn months are welcomed with open arms. The vibrant colours, crisp leaves underfoot and warming hot chocolates are all comforts we embrace. Other than the picturesque Instagram feeds and warming beverages, another great thing about the Autumn months is the clothing!

As the temperatures start to drop into the single figures, the crisp mornings call for those oversized hoodies, warm fleece jackets and stylish beanies.

With temperatures on a gradual decline, now is the perfect time to get your Autumn wardrobe organised before the real cold weather strikes!

Autumn Favourites

At JKL Clothing, we have a wide selection of Autumn Basics that are perfect for both work and leisure. From warming knitwear to fleece jackets and beanies, we have something for every occasion at competitive prices.



The Autumn season and hoodies go hand in hand. Ideal for a relaxed workwear option or simple leisurewear for those country walks, our extensive range of Autumn Hoodies are available in a wide range of colours and sizes for both adults and children. 

Our Hoodie range can also be customised to meet your requirements. Find out more about getting your hoodie personalised here. 

Fleece Jackets

Fleece Jackets

Layering up with a Fleece Jacket is the perfect way to keep the biting winds at bay on those crisp Autumn mornings. With a wide range of Fleece Jackets to choose from, keeping warm won’t be an issue; however, making a choice might prove a little taxing. 

Our range of Fleece Jackets is perfect for both work and leisure use. If you need to get your fleece jackets personalised with a company logo, find out more about the process here. 



It’s said that 45% of our body heat is lost through our heads! 

If you’re vulnerable to the cold then ensure that you retain as much body heat as possible by investing in a stylish beanie or knitted bobble hat. Beanies are wonderfully versatile and can be used for both work and leisure purposes.

Our range of Beanies are available for both printing and embroidery. To find out more about our personalisation service click here. 

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Brand Spotlight: Fruit Of The Loom - JKL Clothing

19 August 2019 03:50
Fruit Of The Loom

Here at JKL Clothing we stock over 100 brands. Each month we focus on one of our brands and provide a brief overview of the brand and information which we hope you will find interesting and may be even help you in your buying decision. This month is the turn of Fruit of the Loom

Established in America in 1851 Fruit of the Loom is truly a global company with outlets in over 20 countries encompassing 6 continents. Fruit of the loom is something of a branded clothing superpower within our industry.

So here are some Fruit of the Loom numbers:

32,500 are the number of people employed worldwide by Fruit of the Loom

97 is the number of current styles available

51 is the number of colours that these styles are available in.

1 manufacturing plant in Morocco

21 dye jets, 64 spinning frames and 220 knitting machines are to be found in the Morocco plant

2.2 million garments are manufactured here every week

50 million garments are held in stock at any one time

These numbers give you some idea of the size of this made for garment decoration heavyweight.

Fruit of the Loom use only the finest US cotton in manufacturing all their clothing and they are currently the only brand to use the Belcoro yarn which is spun on auto card spinning machines providing a cleaner more stable print area with fewer loose fibres.

Fruit Of The Loom JKL Clothing

It may also interest you to know that Fruit currently supports 3 main charities (Childline, Cancer Research and the Newlife Foundation for disabled children) they are also certified to Oeko-Tex standard 100-08-5295 which certifies that their garments contain no substances harmful to people or the environment.

Fruit of the Loom are a real favourite for us here at JKL Clothing. Their consistency and quality of clothing means that our customers are guaranteed to receive garments of the highest standard. The ease with which their garments accept a variety of printing techniques and embroidery also make them stand out as a preferred choice within the personalised clothing industry.

Often seen as the manufacturer of safe bet styles Fruit have recently developed a style of hoodie that is at the forefront of personalised clothing design. The Fruit of the Loom “Unique” hoodie is a garment that says fun and imagination. It can be found on our website.

Fruit of The Loom

So whether you are looking for staff uniform, promotional t-shirts, schoolwear or just something fun to wear we would highly recommend Fruit of the Loom.

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Back To School With JKL Clothing

06 August 2019 02:58
Kids School Uniform

Before the Summer holidays commence, parents often contemplate how they are going to survive the full six weeks with little ones murmuring that they are bored.
However, with countless family activities already booked and potential Summer getaways on the horizon, before you know it; it’s almost September and your rushing to get your kid's uniforms sorted.

So before you strap in for a whirlwind month, why not tick the Kids School Uniform off the list so that you can fully relax before your little ones heads for those school gates.

School Uniforms From JKL

Although this time of year means Summer sun and family time for many individuals, it’s often overshadowed by the bane of School Uniform. You know, the uniform that doesn’t fit properly, or the uniform that wears out too quickly, or perhaps that surprise growth spirt just before your little one heads back to school. Whatever the scenario, all parents have faced the School Uniform hurdle.

So this year leave the stress of queuing up in crowded uniform shops behind you.

With a little help from JKL Clothing, we can help get your child ready for September, without all the stress.

School Wear To Picks 

Kids School Cardigans

Kids School Polo Shirts

Our collection of school uniform offers parents affordability without having to compromise on quality. And the best thing about it is that you can order it all online from home! 

But I Need The Schools Logo Embroidered?

Not to worry. At JKL, we specialise in embroidery so if your child's uniform requires a school logo embroidered on to polos, cardigans or even jackets we can embroider in line with the school's requirements. All you need to do is send us an image of their logo!

It may sound complicated, but it’s super easy!

Find out more about our embroidery service here. Still unsure?
Why not call one of our friendly advisors today, they will help guide you through the process. (0114 239 8000)

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Stand Out At Your Next Exhibition With JKL Clothing.

17 July 2019 09:06

Are you attending a company tradeshow or exhibition this Summer?

The checklist may feel never-ending when your company is approaching a trade show or exhibition. What products do I want to take? Who will be attending? Is the stand design all signed off? With so much to prepare ahead of the event, have you thought about what your attendees will be wearing?

Make a lasting impression that will stay with your potential customers and clients this Summer, by kitting your team out with the perfect exhibition wear. Whether your business is a familiar face or it’s your first attendance, stand out from your competitors with a fresh look from JKL Clothing.

Why Is Exhibition Wear So Important?

Tradeshows and exhibitions are naturally busy, with hundreds of customers flowing from one stand to another. Branded clothing incorporating memorable imagery or literature can help customers identify your brand or business, while also building that all-important branding.

Alongside important brand recognition, your branded attire is also representative of your brand or company. Personalised clothing can help you portray your businesses core values; whether that be professional quality or quirky and fun, your image will be your customer's first impression, so it’s important to make the right one!

Here’s How JKL Can Help

Whether you want to keep it crisp and professional or something a little more fun, at JKL, we can fulfil all your exhibition requirements.

You can receive your quote in three ways:

Add To Basket
Once you have found the products that you would like to personalise, simply add them to your basket in the size and colours required. Once you are happy that everything is in your basket, click into the basket.

Select customise and follow the simple procedure to produce your unique quote.

Enquiry Form

Complete our personalised enquiry form, and one of our sales team will respond with a full quote.

Speak To An Advisor

Alternatively, you can discuss your full requirements with one of our sales team over the phone on 0114 239 8000.

Exhibition Top Picks 

Polos and T-Shirts

Promotional Accessories 

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Summer Sportswear From JKL Clothing

02 July 2019 02:43

Reach Your Fitness Goals With JKL This Summer

With the warmer weather gracing the country, you may be feeling inspired to hit that new year health goal, or perhaps invest some hours into what you really love. Whether you’re looking to get in shape this Summer or simply achieve a new fitness goal, we have the perfect collection of sportswear that is eager for your next big challenge.

Quality Sportswear At Affordable Prices

If your gym membership has already left you feeling out of pocket, you’ll be pleased to know that our sportswear department won’t leave you feeling so glum. Here at JKL Clothing, we believe that quality sportswear should be as obtainable as your next fitness goal. 

Our collection of sportswear includes brands such as Adidas, Kooga, Lotto and many more. So you can cycle, dribble or squat through your session without having to break a sweat over the cost of your stylish new sportswear.

Unite Your Team

Unify your team and climb the leaderboard this Summer with a fresh set of Personalised Sport Kits from JKL Clothing. Whether you are looking for your clubs first kit or you’re simply looking to freshen up your seasoned sportswear we have a wide selection of high-quality sports kits for a number of different sports ready to be personalised.

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Home To Industry Workwear - JKL Clothing

26 June 2019 02:21

Looking to freshen up your workwear wardrobe this Summer? 

At JKL Clothing, we are home to a wide range of workwear garments, expanding from the hospitality industry to medical and healthcare, construction, engineering, manufacturing and much more. 

So whether you’re on the front line behind the hotel bar or looking to protect yourself against the elements, we have the perfect range of workwear garments and accessories to help you get the job done. 

Better yet, our workwear clothing and accessories start from as little as £3.27! So you don’t have to spend a fortune kitting yourself out this season!

Industry Highlights

Workwear From Only £5.27!

When it comes to hospitality, presentation and comfort are key. The wrong workwear can be the difference between a good shift or an uncomfortable one! Whether you’re working on the frontline behind the bar or cooking up a storm behind the scenes, don’t let your workwear hold you back. At JKL Clothing we have a wide range of hospitality workwear that is both smart and comfortable.

Workwear From Only £3.27!

At JKL Clothing, we understand the importance of safety, durability and comfort. That’s why our extensive range of building and construction garments include top brands such as Portwest, Dickies, Snickers, Regatta and many more. 

Workwear From Only £11.55!

Is your medical workwear starting to show the mileage of those long shift patterns?

Your hard work and dedication can take its toll, so this Summer why not refresh your medical and healthcare garments at JKL Clothing! We have a wide range of Nurses uniforms, tabards and medical scrubs available in a selection of different colours and sizes.

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Portwest Summer Workwear

05 June 2019 11:09
Portwest Workwear

Have last years warmer weather workwear garments seem better days? 

With the warmer weather looking like it’s here to stay, now is the perfect time to refresh your Summer workwear wardrobe with a little Portwest! 

Recognised within the industry for their high-quality workwear clothing and over 100 years of experience, Portwest is a perfect choice this Summer.

Workwear For Everyone


At JKL Clothing, we have an extensive range of Portwest workwear garments that cater for everyone, in almost every industry.

That’s right, from the construction industry to catering, healthcare and the beauty industry, Portwest really does have something for everyone when it comes to workwear. 

Womens Portwest Workwear

Alongside their exceptional range of workwear garments, Portwest also offers an extensive collection of safety wear, equipment to supplement their workwear and work clothing.

From safety helmets, ear defenders, safety gloves, aprons and a great line of Hi Viz clothing, Portwest can cater all of your workwear needs this Summer.

Portwest Safety Boots

Need Your Companies Logo Added To Your Workwear Garments?

When shopping for your new workwear garments, JKL offers a one-stop-shop solution. 

Not only can you browse through our extensive range of Portwest workwear, but you can also get your garments printed or embroidered at the same time. Almost all of our workwear garments are available for printing or embroidery, meaning you don’t have to compromise on workwear quality. 

How To Order Personalised Workwear

There are currently three simple ways that you can order your personalised workwear.

1. When you have added your workwear to your basket, simply enter your basket and select customise. You will then be prompted to follow a simple procedure to produce your individual quote.

2. Complete our enquiry form, and one of our sales team will respond with a full quote.

3. Give us a call (0114 239 8000) to discuss your requirements. Here a member of our sales team will be able to provide you with a full quote.

For full instructions, visit our How To Order Page.

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No Ordinary Collection - The New Iconic Collection From Fruit Of The Loom

30 May 2019 04:04
Iconic Range JKL Clothing

The Iconic Collection from Fruit Of The Loom has officially landed at JKL Clothing, 
and it’s a real game changer!

No Ordinary Prints

Designed to deliver outstanding print results, the new Iconic T-Shirt and Polo collection have been specifically designed to deliver perfect prints with a crisp colour reproduction whatever your preferred printing style. Be bold with your choices; you’re sure to love the final product! 

No Ordinary T

Alongside its game-changing printing results; the Iconic range is also made from the highest quality combed ringspun cotton. Beautifully soft to the touch the Iconic T-Shirts are available in 17 stunning shades, including the new Flame and Cobalt Blue.

No Ordinary Fit

Designed for printing perfection and made from the highest quality combed ringspun cotton, you may be thinking that this new range couldn’t excel any further. But the good stuff doesn't finish there!

If you're looking for a range of t-shirts or polos that offer that contemporary feel, then the Iconic Collection will be sure to tick all of your boxes. Designed with a modern and stylish, tailored fit in mind, this new collection lends itself perfectly to multiple applications. Whether you are looking for a new set of contemporary T's for your event, company or brand, you won't be disappointed. 

Adult Iconic Range

Kids Iconic Range

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Get A Personalised Uniform For Your Staff At JKL Clothing.

09 May 2019 04:35
Company Workwear

Trust JKL to embroider your company's logo perfectly on your staff uniform. JKL Clothing is a leading workwear, corporate clothing and staff uniform supplier with over 10 years' embroidery experience and counting!

Meeting the needs of any small to a large sized organisation - supplying anything from 10 to 20,000 embroidered items per order. With such a small minimum order quantity even small companies can find exactly what they're after!

Company Workwear

Why Choose JKL Clothing?

  • Fast turnaround times and tight deadlines met
  • Embroidery is available from just £0.85 per logo!
  • Free swatch sample provided for approval with all orders
  • We have a dedicated sales team to answer all of your questions...
Personalised Clothing

To order:

  1. Visit our website ordering system
  2. Complete an online enquiry form or...
  3. Chat with a member of our team on 0114 239 8000

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Unite Your Team With JKL Clothing

15 April 2019 03:16

The London Marathon is just around the corner! Is your team ready?

If your team are heading to the London Marathon on the 28th of April, then it’s time to make it official. Sure, you may have been training together for the best part of a year or longer, but nothing quite unites a team like the same goals and a personalised printed T-Shirt to round things off!

Whether your team is built upon a New Year’s resolution or your raising money for a charity close to your heart, let the team here at JKL help you share your achievement with the country.

From your fellow running companions to the ones cheering you on at the sidelines; at JKL we are a one-stop-shop for high-quality garments and printed services.

Get Marathon Ready With JKL

Here at JKL, we have a wide variety of high-quality garments ready to be personalised to fit your needs. Whether your team is looking for t-shirts, vests, base layers or a mixture of garments we have the solution for you. With an aim to beat any like for like quote, printing your selected garments has never been easier!

How Do I Order My Teams Printed Garments?

There are currently three ways that you can order your teams personalised clothing.

1. Straight In The Basket

Whether you have already found your items on our store or you’re still browsing, the process is simple. Find the clothing garments that you need and add them to your basket in the sizes you need. Once they are in your basket select customise. Follow the simple procedure to produce your quote.

2. Complete Our Online Form

Our personalised clothing form is readily available online to fill out. Simply enter your detail and attach the artwork you want to be printed and one of our team members will get in touch with a quotation.

3. Lets Chat

If it’s your first time placing a printed order and you’re not sure of the process and procedure then give us a call (0114 239 8000). One of our team members will be happy to assist you with your query.

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Get Outside This Spring With JKL Clothing

03 April 2019 03:52

New season clothing for all the family!

With warmer weather on its way, we're excited about getting outside this spring! Whether you're off on a hike, a picnic or a bike ride make sure you're prepared with JKL's spring selection. 

Shop our huge range of products online! With so many styles available for embroidery or printing, you can get everything you need personalised.

Spring Basics

Grab your spring essentials with JKL! With so many styles available for embroidery or printing you can really make them your own!

Shirts     Shorts     Children's


We may be heading into warmer weather but it's not called 'April Showers' for nothing!

Stock up on your family waterproofs Here

Backpacks and Bags

Whatever adventures you're setting off on, make sure you're well packed! With everything from belt bags to holdalls, you can take whatever you need!

Shop Now

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Portwest Women's Workwear

22 March 2019 12:40

Portwest Women’s Workwear

Workwear that works as hard as you do!

As we quickly approach a new season, what better time to refresh your workwear wardrobe than Springtime? After all, a new season is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a fresh set of workwear garments. So, if you’re going to give your workwear wardrobe a spring clean, then why not do so by replacing tired garments with workwear that works as hard as you do!

Commonly recognised for its exceptional quality workwear and industry expertise, Portwest is the ideal brand to replace tired workwear. With over 100 years of experience within the industry, Portwest provides a wide range of exceptional quality workwear garments for women in a variety of industries.

Portwest For Women

Quality and performance means everything to Portwest, and it truly shows throughout their workwear brand. Created from only the best quality materials, Portwest offers women workwear that is both comfortable and functional. So much so, that getting the job done has never been easier.

At JKL we have a wide range of Portwest Workwear available ideal for women within a variety of industries.

Get the job done and browse through tunics, flame-resistant coveralls, hi-vis jackets and much more online today!

Need Your Companies Logo Printed or Embroidered? 

If you need to get your companies logo printed or embroidered on your new workwear garments, then you have come to the right place. At JKL we are a one-stop shop for workwear garments and personalisation. Get in touch with one of our team member today! 

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This Time It's Personal..

06 March 2019 02:37

JKL Embroidery and Printing

Personalised Clothing is what we do best.

Here at JKL Clothing, we pride ourselves on our personalised clothing and we are certain you will not find a better or more competitively priced service!

Shop our huge range of products online! With so many styles available for embroidery or printing, you can get everything you need personalised.


Customer satisfaction is our priority with embroidery. We provide a free swatch sample with all orders. So you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality and exactly what you're after.

From only 85p per logo!
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Our 10 years of experience, and detail-oriented approach will ensure your garments are the very highest quality. Operating in-house we use the very latest print technology and machinery.

Plus it's from only 50p per logo!
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To order your personalised clothing either:
  • Go through our website ordering system
  • Complete our online enquiry form
  • Phone JKL and speak to one of our lovely sales staff
Speak to one of our sales team on 01142398000, for help and advice with your embroidered or printed clothing order.

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Dress To Impress With JKL Clothing

20 February 2019 05:19

Corporate Workwear – Browse Our Range At JKL

Has this warmer weather got you digging out your Spring workwear wardrobe?

With the temperatures rising across the country and spring officially just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe spring clean. If your corporate workwear wardrobe has seen better days, then it’s time to retire those tired styles for something with more ambition.

Whether you want to dress to impress or simply switch up your workwear wardrobe, you can achieve your style goals with JKL.

Logo Printing or Embroidery For Work Uniform

Holding onto work uniform that is passed it’s sell-by date due to it having your companies logo printed or embroidered? If this sounds familiar, then you will be relieved to know that at JKL we are a one-stop shop solution for workwear and logo printing or embroidery.
Simply choose your workwear garments from our wide range of styles and colours and send us your requirements. It really is that easy!

Get It Embroidered or Printed Today

Men’s Corporate Workwear

Make an impression that they won’t forget with JKL.

Whether you are looking to simply refresh your collection of work shirts or perhaps browsing for that sharp blazer to complete your image, you are sure to find exactly what you need at JKL. 

Our extensive range of men’s corporate workwear includes work shirts, sweaters, waistcoats, blazers, trousers and much more.

Women’s Corporate Workwear

Refresh your style with workwear that makes you feel confident. If you’re bored of the same old workwear wardrobe, then it’s time to refresh that wardrobe routine.

Fulfil your formal wear needs at JKL by browsing through our extensive range of stylish, comfortable and durable women’s workwear range.

Whether you are looking for work shirts, office knitwear, dresses, blouses, skirts and much more, we are sure to have just what you need!

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Portwest Workwear

08 February 2019 10:31

Portwest Workwear

Are you in need of some durable and high-quality workwear that can keep up with you on the job?

Portwest is one of the most recognised manufacturers of high-quality workwear clothing, with over 100 years of experience in the industry. They have a vast range of workwear that will suit almost all sectors, but they are truly specialists in safety workwear and equipment, that meets recognised international standards.

Plus Enjoy 10% off Portwest Workwear for a Limited Time Only!

Men's Workwear

Portwest is a name associated with comfort and quality, you know that this workwear will get the job done! 
Shop men’s Portwest workwear for high vis, jackets safety boots and overalls.

Women's Workwear

With a whole range of workwear designed specifically for women, you can’t go far wrong with the Portwest women’s workwear selection. We know it can be tough to find workwear for women, but Portwest has a large range suitable for many industries. The range also features high vis, overalls, jackets, safety boots and more!

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Prioritise Your Safety!

25 January 2019 11:56

Get serious about your safety this New Year with a little help from JKL.

Whether you work within an industrial sector, or simply looking to protect yourself for that big New Year DIY project, when it comes to safety, there really is no compromise.

At JKL Clothing we have a wide range of safety workwear garments for both men and women.

Get the job done with a piece of mind knowing that you prioritised your safety. 

Women’s Safety Workwear

Start the New Year with your safety in mind. At JKL we have a wide range of Women’s Workwear available, including Safety Workwear Garments. 

Browse High Visibility Jackets designed for Women, Safety Footwear and Accessories online today!

Men’s Safety Workwear

Don’t compromise on your safety this January!
Whether your workwear wardrobe needs a serious refresh, or perhaps you just need to get the job done, we have safety workwear appropriate for all occasions.

 Browse Flame-Resistant Overalls, Work Trousers, Gloves and more online today! 

Workwear      Overalls     Gloves

Get Your Safety Workwear Embroidered or Printed 

If your old workwear has seen better days, but you are holding back due to needing a company logo, you will be pleased to know that JKL has a solution. With JKL you can order your new Safety Workwear and get it printed or embroidered with your company’s logo. 

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Are You Getting Into The New Year Health Kick?

11 January 2019 03:35

Try these sports gear offers to get you started!

Its January and that means lots of people are starting their new year's resolutions to be fitter and healthier this year. Here at JKL we want to support you in your resolve to be healthier. That’s why we have lots of sports gear for you to get your hands on!

Sports Gear

Kick off your new year's resolution with a new workout outfit from JKL. We have men's, women's, accessories and even personalised team uniforms so you can kit out the whole squad! Get them printed to show your squad spirit

Clothing    Accessories    Team Kits

Lotto Sportswear

If football's your game you won't want to miss this opportunity to update your kit! Our large range of Lotto Sportswear and accessories is all 20% off in our January sale! 

Get 20% Off Limited Time Only!

KooGa Rugby Sportswear

For quality rugby gear look no further than our January KooGa sale! Get 20% off all clothing and accessories. Whether you need a new shirt, shorts or hoodie, grab it while its on offer!

Get 20% Off Limited Time Only!

Minimum order quantity for Embroidery and Printing is 10 items

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Get Up To 30% OFF Selected Brands This Christmas!

17 December 2018 09:23

Have you left your Christmas shopping to the last minute again this year? 
You have until Tuesday 18th December to get your presents for Christmas day – Don’t Miss Out! 
But if you need some festive inspiration, we have some brand discounts just in time for you!

Get 30 % OFF Regatta Originals

If your loved one has asked for a new Regatta Jacket or Bodywarmer, then you will be pleased to know that you can get your gifts and save money! You can get your hands-on Regatta Originals at an incredible 30% OFF at JKL Clothing! Browse Didsbury Harrington Jackets, Longsight Bodywarmers and much more!

Kit your family out this festive season with sportswear from Kooga Rugby and Lotto Sports! These two popular sportswear brands are currently available at JKL with 20% OFF! You can enjoy browsing for your enthusiastic flankers' new training top or midfielders windproof jacket, whilst enjoying the discount!

If you are looking to treat yourself to workwear that works as hard as you do, then why not indulge in some Portwest workwear. From construction to the catering industry, Portwest have a large range of workwear clothing and safety equipment for you to browse this Christmas! 

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Give a More Personal Gift This Christmas

07 December 2018 10:19

Get Ready For Chrismas
With JKL's Personalised Gifts!


With only 18 days left until Christmas, we are getting excited here at JKL!

If you have friends or family that would love personalised gifts look no further! With a minimum order quantity of 10 items for printing and embroidery, you can get gifts for everyone sorted! Order before the 11th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Personalised Clothing

Almost all of the clothing ranges on JKL can be printed or embroidered, so pick out a special item and have them personalised for the people you care about this Christmas. We recommend keeping them warm with our personalised jackets.

Jumpers  Jackets  Fleeces  Hoodies


Give your loved ones some Christmas spirit with personalised winter accessories. JKL have a huge range of accessories that make perfect Christmas gifts! Glam up their winter wardrobe with hats, scarves, gloves and more!

Scarves  Hats  All Accessories

Personalised Kids Clothing

Have a little one to shop for this year? We have a large range of kids clothing and accessories that can be personalised specifically for them. We even do toddler and baby clothes which make a great gift for a new mum!

Shop all Kids Clothing
Minimum order quantity for Embroidery and Printing is 10 items

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