Beat The Heat With Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:47:00
Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

Beat The Heat With Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear

If you work within a hazardous working environment or provide workwear for a workforce that requires Flame Resistant Workwear, you’re likely savvy to the importance of providing the correct workwear.

After all, keeping your workers protected from nasty workplace injuries is essential, making the importance of purchasing the right workwear an absolute priority!

Here at JKL Clothing, we take safety seriously. So, if you’re looking to kit either yourself or your workforce out with workwear that excels expectations we have just the thing in stock.

Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear Range

Did you know that Portwest provides over 120 industry-leading Flame Resistant Styles alone?

Their impressive, state of the art collection consists of a wide selection of multi-standard protection which is perfect for all kinds of hazardous environments. From working around bare flames to welding protection – at JKL Clothing, we have a Flame Resistant solution ideal for your application.

Like much workwear, Flame Resistant garments aren’t a ‘one shoe, fit’s all’ kind of gig.

So before we showcase the best bits from the Portwest Range, let’s take a minute to understand the different workwear solutions available at JKL.

Flame Resistant Solutions – What’s The Difference?

Portwest currently provides five industry-leading flame-resistant solutions as a part of their FR range.
At JKL, we are proud to stock all five solutions, but you may be wondering, what is the difference between these solutions?


The Anti-Static Araflame collection is an inherently permanent flame-resistant aramid.

Designed to be extremely flame-resistant, this collection is also lightweight and offers high tensile strength and full anti-static protection for all workers.


The Anti-Static Modaflame collection has been specially designed from Modacrylic fibres. 
The Modacrylic fibres provide inherent flame resistance, exceptional dimensional stability and high elastic properties, which allows the garments to retain their shape.

All Modaflame garments also have carbon fibre woven into the fabric giving them essential anti-static properties.


Bizflame is a patented flame-resistant finish which, when applied to fabric, provides excellent flame resistance. Bizflame is only combined with the best quality raw materials, giving each workwear garment the perfect balance of comfort and strength.


Made from 100% 330g Bizweld cotton fabric, the Bizweld workwear collection is completely flame resistant. Providing exceptional flame and molten splash protection, this collection is perfect for those in the welding industry or similar.

Sealtex Flame

Constructed from a wonderfully lightweight and durable flame-resistant PU coated polyester fabric, the Sealtex Flame collection offers full protection from adverse weather and flame hazards.

Stay Protected

Keep yourself and your workforce properly protected with our range of Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear here at JKL – you can even get your companies logo embroidered and printed – bonus!

Portwest Flame Resistant Workwear


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