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Embroidery Project Management

A guide to how an embroidered order is managed from quote through to delivery

This guide has been written to provide you with details of how we handle your embroidered clothing order once you have received and are happy with your quote. In this guide we will look at:

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The Embroidery Process

Embroidery is the method of decorating fabrics with needle and thread. There are basically two different forms that embroidery takes. One is the craft method, manually using a single needle and thread to stitch on a picture or decorative emblem. The other is the modern industrial method of embroidery using state of the art machinery to stitch logos, emblems and text onto clothing or other fabric. JKL fall into the latter category and have embroidery machines that can apply embroidered designs containing up to twelve colours and thousands of stitches in a matter of minutes.

The process begins with a design. This can take the form of a picture, logo, image or simply text. Once we have the design we then alter it so that the software on our embroidery machines can read the design and stitch it onto the chosen item of clothing or fabric. This process is called digitising and requires complex computer software and experienced digitising professionals to create the best possible finished embroidered design.

From the stage of digitising the design we then produce a swatch sample to confirm the embroidery transfers successfully from the computer screen to an actual piece of fabric. Often what may look good on a screen does not turn out as desired when the actual physical embroidery is produced.

Once both we and our customers are happy with the embroidered swatch sample we are then ready to apply it to the customers selected garments, bags, accessories or other fabrics. We first of all we check and count the garments or items to be embroidered. This is vital as once we have embroidered the garments it cannot be removed so any faults including the wrong colour’s or sizes need to be identified at this stage prior to placing the garments onto the embroidery machines

The fabric is placed into a frame ready to put onto the embroidery machine. This is an important stage of the process as it is vital to get the fabric in the right position within the frame so that the embroidered design is level and in the exact same position for each item to be embroidered. A backing piece of fabric is also added to the rear of the garment which the stitching is attached to. This stabilises the embroidery and it is important to select the right backing for the right design and fabric. Once embroidered the backing is then removed by tearing away before the order is sent to the customer.

The final embroidered garment is removed from the machine, the frame taken off and the backing torn away. The item is then checked, folded neatly and placed into our dispatch department ready to send to our customer.

The final stage is quality control. We individually check each item before it is carefully packaged ready for dispatch via our couriers. The delivery address is checked with the details we have on file and if need be, we confirm with the customer.

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Customer Information

We try to make the process of ordering embroidered clothing as simple and straight forward as possible and have invested heavily in both our staff and technology to try and achieve this. The problem is that we are dealing with bespoke items and each individual order will be different to the last, with each customer having differing requirements. This is why we believe that purchasing any embroidered item requires a personal touch and that is exactly what JKL aim to provide.

There are a few things that you can help us with though that will mean a stress free purchase and ordering process. Firstly design artwork. We can work with you on the artwork for your design, but generally speaking the better the artwork the better the final embroidered product. We accept digital artwork in a number of formats which are covered in our embroidered artwork guide. We can also accept good old fashioned paper designs that we then digitise from scratch although this may incur extra artwork charges.

Garment type, colour and sizing. Once we have embroidered your design onto the specified garments we cannot accept them back unless they are faulty in any way. Therefore you need to be 100% sure you have selected the correct garments in the right colours and sizes for whoever is to wear them. We recommend you order plain samples through our website to assess the product, its colour and any sizing prior to purchasing your embroidered items. As with any clothing item, different brands will have slightly different colour shades and sizing. All samples can be returned to us for a full refund.

Contact and communication is also important. We mentioned earlier in this guide about how we have invested in our staff to train them to provide information and advice and a superior level of customer service. We will provide you with an account manager who will deal with your order from start to finish. We have found the process works best when we also have a single contact to communicate with as the process moves forward. We will keep in regular contact with you and may often need further information to ensure you receive the bespoke item you have ordered.

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Embroidery Expectations

Improvements in technology have meant that machine embroidery has come a long way in recent years. You need to be aware though that we are still talking about using a needle and thread to transfer a design onto a piece of fabric. Highly detailed designs and logos may not be replicated to the exact image once embroidered onto the fabric. This is especially the case if the design is small in size. We will always advise our customers at the outset if we have any concerns about how the design will be replicated once embroidered and will offer alternative options if appropriate. Please also be aware that all embroidered designs are produced in a swatch sample fabric for our customers to approve prior to any garments been embroidered with the final design

A further point to be aware of when considering embroidery is the design and style of the garment itself. For example it is not possible to stitch onto pockets without stitching through the pocket and onto the fabric behind, therefore in effect stitching the pocket up. The weight of the fabric also plays a part in what we can embroider onto the garment. A lightweight fabric will not take an embroidered logo containing a large number of stitches. Waterproof garments can also cause an issue as we may need to stitch through the fabric’s waterproof facing, therefore rendering that area no longer fully waterproof. Many of the garments we supply do have internal access that allows us to frame them up in such a way so as not to alter the fabrics make up. We will obviously make you aware of any issues prior to processing your order. We do provide a handy list of products that we can easily transform such as embroidered t-shirts

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Whilst the guide has been written to assist you in your embroidered clothing purchase we are always only a phone call or email away and happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact one of our sales team on 0114 239 8000. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


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