Why Choose Embroidered Shirts For Your Business?

Fri, 27 May 2022 12:32:00

Well firstly let’s discuss branding. 

Any business relies on its brand and brand awareness within its market sector to promote and advertise its products or services. Having a branding that compliments a business is vital if you are to succeed in a competitive market. 

Clothing and staff uniform is just one aspect of a company's branding that can make a real difference to its success. 

Why though, specifically do embroidered shirts promote the brand of a business. A shirt is an item of clothing that transcends all manner of differences that can be found within the cohort of an employee group. 

Gender, age, size, shape, and height can all be accommodated with the right shirt. 

This gives not only branding to an item of staff clothing but also a smart, professional, and uniform appearance increasing the brand of business and its link to a smart professional workforce and therefore at least subliminally a link to a smart, professional product or service.

Embroidered shirts are a term that can cover a wide range of types and styles. 

If we are looking at a shirt that provides a smart and professional appearance, then we really need to dismiss t-shirts and start with the polo shirt.

A polo shirt bridges the gap between smart and casual, formal, and comfortable. It also has the advantage of not been out of place whether in the office or the factory floor. 

This makes a polo shirt a very attractive choice when looking for a branded shirt that covers a lot of bases and can be worn by an entire workforce.

If we are looking at a smarter or corporate shirt option, then a business shirt is the obvious choice. 

Within this category, we can also find options for a more casual or formal appearance. Short or long sleeve is another style choice that can be made depending on personal preference. 

As with the polo shirt a formal shirt is available in male and female fitting style, long or short sleeves, a variety of fabrics and styles and designs to fit any branding requirement.

Finally, there is the most important aspect of an embroidered shirt, the branding itself. 

Embroidery as a garment decorating option adds to the appearance of smartness and professionalism. It is the decorating choice when compared to transfer or screen printing that gives the finished garment the smartest, cleanest, and most professional-looking product. 

Popular areas to place and embroidered logo or company name include the left and right chest areas, sleeves, and the nape at the rear of the shirt. 

The choice of embroidery location can often be dictated by the size, shape, and design of the logo. Always take the advice of your embroidered. 

They are the people that know both the garment and embroidery the best and will therefore know which position the embroidery will need to be to show off the logo to its maximum potential.


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