How Important Is Staff Uniform?

Thu, 30 Jun 2022 13:23:00

Image and a positive first impression have always been important.

Whether for an individual or a brand, how you or the company you represent is perceived can affect both your own and the company’s success.

For a business or brand, the decision of staff uniform is often crucial in setting the tone of that all-important first impression your customer will receive when engaging with your company.

Just as a website can portray an impression of a business so too can the employees. An employee is often the first contact any prospective new client has with a business. How that employee behaves, conducts themselves and their general demeanor is often a reflection of the business or brand.

Wearing a branded staff uniform can have a positive impact on any interaction a staff member has with customers of the business. 

JKL Clothing understands that a quality branded staff uniform is an important part of any business's branding and marketing strategy.

Our sales advisors speak with many businesses to first understand the type of business it is and then work closely to provide a staff uniform that both reflects the brand and is a practical clothing choice for the company’s staff.

Staff uniform for an office environment will differ greatly from a work uniform for a manufacturing company. Understanding where the uniform will be worn and what the wearer will be doing in that uniform helps us to provide our customers with the best-branded clothing options.

Whatever your business and whatever your staff uniform requirements our embroidered branded clothing will ensure your staff and the uniform they wear to give the right first impression and enhance your brand.

If you are looking to provide staff uniforms for the first time to your employees or want to refresh your current uniform visit and get in touch today.


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