Women’s Workwear

Fri, 20 May 2022 10:15:00

Finding the right outfit to wear to work can be, in itself, hard work. 

Before you have even reached your workplace be it an office, factory, shop, or warehouse you will no doubt have asked yourself the question am I wearing the right clothing?

What women wear for work generally falls into two categories. 

Firstly, a work uniform, provided by their employer, is often embroidered, or customised in some way with the business company logo and bought to provide the wearer with clothing that promotes the business as much as promotes the individual wearing it. 

Secondly is the general work clothing guideline provided by the employer that the employee is expected to stick to when choosing what to wear for work.

If you fall into the first category and receive a company uniform to wear to work, then the predicament of what to wear is taken out of your hands. The only choice you may have to make is the size and possibly which shoes or footwear to go with it.

The second category employees have decisions to make on what to wear to work which can often be very daunting. Women’s workwear can vary from workplace to workplace. 

A woman working in an office will often chose a stylish yet modest blouse and suit combination alternating between skirt and trousers depending on the weather and time of year. Women’s office wear choices are usually dark colours with may be just a touch of individual colour in an accessory or blouse pattern. 

People usually don’t want to attract attention to themselves at work and certainly do not want to portray anything other than a completely professional image in an office environment. 

Mixing and matching dark colour jacket, trouser and skirt combinations with an individual blouse is a tried and tested way to achieve a smart, clean, and professional corporate look. 

This office wear style does not have to cost the earth and can be found both on the high street and online at reasonable prices.

Women working in other working environments often have a greater choice on what to wear. 

Sometimes this choice is dictated by the type of work carried out, for example working in a factory may involve having to wear certain protective workwear to keep safe. 

Women working in factory or warehouse environments often have their work clothing provided to them by their employer. A work shirt, trouser, sweatshirt or jumper and jacket for winter are the main staple of this type of women’s workwear. 

Often chosen in company colours and displaying the company logo this type of women’s workwear gives the wearer a simple and straightforward clothing option when getting dressed for work and provides the employer with uniform staff promoting their business in a smart, professional, and positive light.

Whatever the type of women’s workwear you dress in for work size and fit are the most common complaints women have about what they are wearing when at work. 

The female shape can be difficult to fit clothing for. This is especially the case when an employer provides the work uniform as it can often only come in basic sizes with little fit variation. 

Women will often find themselves dressed for work in ill fitting clothing as this will be the only option open to them from the employer. Selecting a women’s workwear uniform that has a wide choice of fitting options is therefore vital if you are to ensure that all the women within the employment group can get clothing to fit and therefore feel comfortable in.


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