Brand: Mascot

Mascot Workwear is carefully crafted with various high-quality fabrics that are tested for durability and quality. Because each piece of fabric used in Mascot Workwear Clothing is tested in their own laboratory, they guarantee uniform quality and consistency in each garment. This family-owned business has been committed to quality workwear for decades, and they’ve grown to become one of the largest workwear companies in Europe. Mascot Workwear understands that the workwear industry is no longer centered only on functionalist. Mascot Workwear’s wide range of colours and styles offers extensive options for customers who want their workwear to look good, provide safety and warmth to workers, and last under the roughest conditions. As the workwear industry grows and changes, Mascot continues to offer cutting-edge fabric technology and innovative designs to suit the needs of a constantly evolving industry. Mascot Workwear is the modern choice for quality workwear that stands the test of time.

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