JKL Facts - Corporate Clothing Buyers Guide

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 07:00:00

Buying corporate clothing can be a daunting task. Hopefully this brief guide will help you through the process and ensure you get the clothing you require. The following information is written to help both the individual looking for clothing to wear to the office and the corporate buyer sourcing a staff uniform for their business or organisation.

So, what do you need from your corporate clothing items? They need to be comfortable to wear. We are all different shapes and sizes and most of us have an idea of what we feel comfortable in. This is not a problem if you are buying clothing for yourself and JKL have categorised the different styles so you can quickly go to the type you require and select from that point. For example our Men’s shirts fall within either long or short sleeve so you can go directly to the type you wish to shop for. This is not so easy if you are selecting a shirt for everyone in the office to wear. Each person will have their own idea of what is comfortable and what they want to wear. Sometimes too much choice may not be a good thing and you will have to narrow down your options. We have tried to help you do this by identifying on our site garments that come in a male and female versions along with different style options such as fitted or shaped.

Once you have chosen your garment you will then need to select the sizes you require. Many of our product pages have a sizing guide to help you do this. Alternatively we recommend you order a selection of sizes for your staff to try on and then return them for a full refund once you have chosen the correct size.

We have also provided in the product description the fabric content of the clothing item. This is important so you ensure the item is machine washable and durable to stand up to daily wear.

An important consideration when buying a corporate staff uniform is stock levels and if it will be available in the foreseeable future. All the workwear within our corporate clothing section are stock items and therefore will not change within a minimum of 12 months. To help you with stock availability we have developed a real time stock level indicator. Once you have selected the colour and size requirement of a garment the current stock level is then shown on the product page.

There is only so much information we can put about a corporate clothing product onto a page and whilst we try to communicate the important features we appreciate you may want more information. This is why we have account managers who are more than happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail and provide further guidance on particular products and services. Our offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday so please call us if you need any further help or advice.

Finally we come to personalisation. General clothing carries no tax benefits unless it is used wholly, exclusively and necessarily in connection with employment, in which case it is exempt from income tax. To qualify for this, the garment needs to be modified or customised to an extent that the tax office deems them to be eligible as a business expense. JKL Clothing can achieve this through embroidery or printing to produce logos, patches, badges or tax tabs. Ordering personalised printed or embroidered corporate clothing is straight forward and can be done in a number of ways. Each product page has a contact form at the bottom which you can complete and upload your logo. Alternatively you can add your items to the basket and proceed to customise before checkout, you can also complete our general contact page found at the bottom of every page on our site, or you can phone and speak to one of our advisors. Whichever way you contact us we will ensure you receive a complete itemised quote.

So how does the customised corporate clothing process proceed from the point of order? Once ordered we will contact you to confirm your logo details. We will then produce your logo and forward a sample of your logo or design for you to approve. Following approval we will then put your order into production. We aim to deliver your order within 10 working days from receipt of logo approval. We often beat this time and if you have a deadline to meet let us know and we will work with you to meet it.

Re ordering corporate clothing is a simple process. We will already have your details on file along with any logos you have had designed. Our only stipulation is that your order meets our minimum of 10 if you require any customisation. This can be made up of any garment style, colour or size.

We hope you have found this guide useful. As mentioned above we are available on the end of a phone so if you need help or are unsure about anything to do with buying corporate clothing, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and provide advice.