Brand: Supertouch Hi Vis

Supertouch Hi Vis
Since 1996, SuperTouch has been a purveyor of dependable and comfortable safety items that allow people to get the job done without worrying about personal safety or coming into contact with undesirable liquids and elements. SuperTouch Safety products are available in both long-term, high-visibility protective gear and disposable varieties, because sometimes certain jobs don’t allow multiple uses or people come in contact with substances that are too hazardous to be removed through laundry or professional cleanings. SuperTouch Safety prizes comfort and performance, which is why its products are streamlined and durable, silicon-free, antistatic, breathable, and equipped with elasticated wrist and ankle cuffs to ensure complete protection. For ease and convenience, full-size protective gear comes with zip-fronts that make adorning and disrobing easy and clean. The hi-vis apparel is perfect for repeated usage while the disposable coveralls or jumpsuits are perfect for farming, cleaning, or painting.

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