Brand: Davern

Davern offers high-performance workwear at the most competitive prices. Each Davern garment is built for comfort and durability, manufactured and engineered to the highest European standards. Davern Lab Coats protect your clothing without getting in your way. A wide range of sizes and adjustability guarantee that you’ll find the right fit that won’t weigh you down. Man styles offer adjustable waist and adjustable cuffs to ensure a perfect fit for all sizes. Functionality is key for high quality lab coats, and Davern Lab Coats offers many styles with pockets to protect the tools you need at arm’s length. Davern Lab Coats’ smocks, medical lab coats, and tabards are made with premium, durable fabrics to withstand daily use. All styles are machine washable and many are available in a wide range of colours to suit your needs. Davern Lab Coats is the top choice for high quality lab coats at top value.

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