Brand: Clubclass

Clubclass are one of the most recognised names as providers of top quality but affordable business wear and corporate clothing solutions to businesses. The Clubclass brand can be found in a large array of business sectors, from offices to banks, sales reps to holiday reps, hotels to airlines and many more sectors. The reason Clubclass is so widely chosen is its history of providing high quality, stylish, comfortable and practical corporate clothing for men and women. It also the understanding that their range of business clothing has to provide the right look, but be practical as it will be used as a day to day work uniform, so the simple fact Clubclass clothing is washable may seem trivial but can make a big difference. As the Clubclass name is synonymous with corporate clothing it come as no surprise their ranges includes formal trousers, skirts, waistcoats and suit jackets suitable for a broad range of corporate, business and hospitality roles.

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